Saddam Launches Hunger Strike to Show Solidarity with Lawyers

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In a dramatic protest against the killing this week of another one of his defense attorneys, Saddam Hussein announced Thursday morning that he was going on a hunger strike.

It lasted until dinnertime.

A U.S. military spokesman said that Saddam and several of his aides who had joined in the protest had ended their hours-long ordeal by having dinner Thursday night.  "They all took their dinner meal," he confirmed.  He did not say how much weight the strikers had lost since that morning, whether they held any special ceremony for breaking their fast, or what words were spoken in fond remembrance of Saddam’s former lawyer.

Saddam Breaks His Fast
A very slightly gaunter Saddam Hussein
heads for the buffet line to end an
hours-long tribute to his attorney.

The skipping of lunch by Saddam Hussein is believed to be the longest hunger strike by a dictator in solidarity with an attorney since Kim Jong-Il paused between halves of a Twix bar after ordering the execution of his top legal advisor.

Link: Reuters via MyWay News