Identical Twin of Michael Jordan Drops $800-Million Lawsuit

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Allen Ray Heckard sued Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight in Oregon state court, alleging that they had ruined his life by making Jordan so well-known.  Heckard is virtually Jordan's twin, although Heckard is eight years older, 30 pounds lighter, and six inches shorter.  Also, one of them cannot effortlessly slam-dunk a basketball after leaping from approximately the free-throw line. I forget which.

Superstar athlete
or pro se plaintiff? 
You decide.

They are similar in some ways, as both are African-American, both have shaved heads, both wear a single earring, and neither is any good at baseball.

Still, Heckard's claim that Jordan and Knight were liable to the tune of $832 million ($416 million each: $52 million in damages and $364 million in punitives) because Heckard was tired of being mistaken for the famous basketball player seemed like a bit of a stretch. Specifically, Heckard alleged "that Michael Jordan high profile life style with the contributed of Phil H. Knight help has infected an injury upon his [Heckard's] life style that, according to every reasonable probability, will continue throughout the remainder of his life."  He said that continual public harassment because of the alleged resemblance "has trouble heckard nerves" and denied him peace of mind for at least 15 years, caused him trouble at work, inflicted emotional distress, and, presumably, rendered Heckard unable to capitalize proper names or use the possessive form of nouns.

Heckard later dismissed the complaint, though, without giving a reason.  A Nike spokesperson said Heckard had not been paid any money, and speculated that he had "finally realized he would end up paying our court costs if the lawsuit went to trial."  Heckard's lawsuit was effective, though, in linking him even more closely to Michael Jordan in a way that, according to every reasonable probability, will continue throughout the remainder of his life.