Man Who Told Sentencing Judge He Was “Bored” Will Spend Seven Exciting Years in Jail

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Lance Majors of Poughkeepsie, New York, the new poster boy for Not Giving A Damn, will have several years to think about whether telling the judge you’re bored during your sentencing hearing is a good idea.

Majors, who was being sentenced today for a felony DWI conviction, has made the most of his 38 years on this planet, compiling an impressive list of screwups:

  • robbery;
  • drug possession;
  • drug dealing;
  • driving while intoxicated;
  • driving while intoxicated again;
  • driving while intoxicated three more times;
  • driving while intoxicated again, and in this incident he
  • was clocked at 107 mph
  • with his 11-year-old daughter in the car
  • after his license had been revoked;
  • he represented himself at trial; and
  • then told the judge, "Just speed it up because you are really boring me."

Judge Frank LaBuda sentenced Majors to a possible seven years in prison for the six counts related to the most recent DWI, plus another 15 days for contempt of court.

Link: Times Herald-Record