June 2010

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“F— My Victims,” Says Bernie Madoff, Enjoying Prison

In a recent article in New York magazine, Steve Fishman writes about how convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is doing in jail, where he has almost finished the first year of his sentence (meaning he just has 149 to go)….

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The Courthouse: Still Not a Good Place to Assault Someone

Tempers do flare from time to time when practicing law, and sometimes conflict is unavoidable.  But there are still a few basic rules that you really must observe: In modern-day practice, engaging in fisticuffs is generally considered unprofessional. If you are…

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Balloon Boy’s Parents Finally Reunited With Balloon

The Balloon Family has its balloon back. Richard and Mayumi Heene tearfully claimed last year that their six-year-old son had been carried away by a balloon, although it later turned out they had hidden him in the attic and made…