The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance Is Now Available on

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Good news for those who (1) want to buy this book, (2) want to sell this book, and/or (3) want to be involved in that process: the book is now available on Amazon, although it is still a "pre-ordering" situation. 

Of course, you would be ordering the book, not "pre-ordering" it, just like you can't "pre-board" an airplane no matter how many times they say that. But I suppose "ordering with significantly postponed delivery" is not as exciting.

In any case, if you go to Amazon right now you will find the book there, currently priced at just $17.57 with an estimated shipping date of March 7. (If you just search for "emergency sasquatch," you will still get the "Booty Call Emergency Kit," which apparently comes with a razor so ladies will not have "sasquatch legs," but now my book will show up as well.)

There is also a price guarantee: if you order now and Amazon discounts it further before March 7, you get the lower price instead and they will refund the difference. This is entirely possible—yesterday it was 10% off the list price, but today it is for whatever reason 23% off the list price. I really hope it won't keep going at that rate, but it might get a little cheaper.

For those who are interested in an e-version, that will happen too (in multiple formats) but not yet. Still trying to find out the date, although that may show up on Amazon before I know it. If you must have a physical copy now, or you want a signed copy, that's still possible. You can always click on the cover image to the right to get the most current ordering options.

Finally, if you've already read the book and have a minute to post a review on Amazon (or anywhere else, for that matter), that would be hugely appreciated. A few pre-Amazon reviews I know about are mentioned in the sidebar; thanks again for those, and thanks to everybody who has recommended the book to others. I know many people have been waiting for the Amazon release, and here it is.

The pre-release, anyway.