Yeah, But on the Other Hand … Free Mushrooms

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From a Courthouse News Service report of cases filed in central California:

Christianne M. v. Robert M. dba [Redacted] Apartments 4/17/2015 TN2202 Habitability. Defendants’ apartment had mold, water intrusion, contaminants, and mushrooms growing out of the bathroom ceiling. Download

Your Honor, my client concedes that conditions in the apartment were less than optimal, but that isn’t the whole story here. He believes the tenant may have been profiting from the situation as an unlicensed mushroom vendor—and the building isn’t zoned for that, by the way—or at a minimum had a duty to mitigate any damages by using the product in a salad and/or as a pizza topping. We would just ask the Court to—yes, I’ll sit down.