Dog Fetches at Wrong Time

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Training your dog well can come back to haunt you, as Matt Porter of Richland Hills, Texas, found out on Monday. Porter, his friend Micah Hays, and another man had been stopped by Officer Cris Brichetto on Monday afternoon at the Bear Creek Park Frisbee Golf Course, after Officer Brichetto smelled marijuana.

As you know, studies have shown that most serious crimes are committed by pot-smokers during Frisbee golf matches at approximately 4:30 on Monday afternoons, so the Frisbee-golf-course sweep was an excellent use of police resources.

Anyway, either Porter or Hays evidently threw a bag of marijuana into a nearby body of water when they saw Officer Brichetto approaching. And as the officer was questioning the men and checking to see whether they were wanted on any outstanding warrants (like for unlicensed hacky-sack or something), J.D., Porter’s faithful Labrador retriever, helpfully retrieved the bag and brought it back to his owner. Porter admitted it was his dog, and Hays admitted it was his bag. Both were arrested.

The third man was released, and is probably home right now trying to teach J.D. to not fetch.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram