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Headnote of the Day: Prison Doghouse Incident

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The opinion itself is nothing special, but I thought it did become amusing when Westlaw compressed the holding into a headnote:

Trustee guard who was forced to ride on top of doghouse containing prison dogs due to space limitations in back of prison vehicle which was aiding in chase of escaping prisoner and who, when found on ground, was holding onto piece of wood from doghouse onto which he had been holding prior to his fall from truck when driver made unannounced right-angle turn at relatively high rate of speed was not guilty of contributory negligence.

Ricks v. Associated Indem. Corp., 242 So. 2d 346 (La. Ct. App. 1970).

That is in fact Headnote 2 in the Westlaw version (classification key number 48Ak224(2), in case you're interested), and I believe it was Westlaw's "Headnote of the Day" back on March 1, 2013. Either that, or that's the date someone sent it to me (thanks, Annika).

Do I have literally hundreds of saved items that are all pretty good but I haven't been able to write up yet? Yes I do. Do I forget about them? No I do not. Is "Prison Doghouse Incident" a pretty good name for a band? Yes it is. Is it time for this post to end? I suppose so.