Man Who Tried to Kill Pope Wishes Pope Swift Recovery

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Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981, sent the Pope a letter this week wishing him a quick recovery from his recent breathing problems. Agca was writing from a jail cell in Turkey, where he was sent to serve a sentence for other crimes after he was pardoned in 2000 for the papal assault.

Here’s what he wrote: “You and I, [but mostly you], have both suffered in trying to spread religion around the world. [Right now, I can’t really remember why I thought shooting you would help spread religion around the world, but it seems like I had a good reason at the time.] I hope you regain your health in the near future. We are approaching the end of the world[, but my concern about that has nothing to do with why I am writing you with good wishes right now.] . . . I hope God grants you strength and health.”