Update – Pirate Captain Wins As Predicted

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Previously I reported on the campaign of a candidate known only as “Pirate Captain” to be student body president at N.C. State University. As I predicted, he won.

Pirate Captain, whose name is now revealed to be Will Piavis, won the runoff election with nearly 60 percent of the vote. As the results were announced, Piavis’s supporters chanted his name, or one of his names, anyway. All were wearing pirate hats.

Piavis said he plans to continue using the Pirate Captain character, noting that it has been successful in getting students interested in campus politics. Turnout was high, but at least some were “disturbed” by his win. One senior said, “He doesn’t really have any issues, although it’s possible that he does and she is just unable to tell, because as she noted, “All his quotes in the paper were in pirate language that [to her] doesn’t make any sense.”