Politician Confused Into Dousing Homeless Man With Champagne

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Peter Gloystein, a German senator and deputy leader of the state of Bremen, resigned this week after dumping a magnum of champagne over the head of a homeless man at a televised ceremony marking the start of “German Wine Week.” Gloystein apparently was at the podium making a speech when he suddenly doused “stunned Bremen local” Udo Oelschlaeger with the wine.

The senator has been unable to explain why he did so. He said he had “misinterpreted the situation” but did not explain what he meant by that. Hey, I’m willing to accept that. We’ve all been in those situations where it seems like the best thing to do is throw something at a homeless guy without warning. Sometimes you just have to make a snap decision and it turns out wrong. We’ve all been there.

Gloystein said he deeply regretted the incident and had apologized. He said he and Oelschlager had a “long and intensive talk” during which Oelschlager “explained his difficult life,” and they “departed on friendly terms.” (See how sudden and inexplicable assaults can bring people together?) But a spokesman confirmed this morning that Gloystein had resigned from his various government posts as a result of the incident.