Drill-Team Dance-Off Ends in Major Brawl; Arrests Follow

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Opening what police called “a whole new arena” of crime, two arrests were made Saturday night after an impromptu “dance-off” between rival Wichita drill teams turned into a major altercation.

One team, the “Dynamic Steppers,” was practicing Saturday night when members of the “White Tigers” showed up and the dance-off began. According to Wichita police, when the White Tigers appeared to be losing, a woman on that team became angry and hit one of the Steppers (a former Tiger) in the face with a drumstick. He retaliated by punching her in the face, and then according to witnesses he ran toward his Ford Explorer and tried to run over White Tiger supporters. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother attacked the Tiger woman with a box cutter, inflicting a wound that required eight stitches.

So far the mother and son have been charged in the matter, but police said over 50 people were involved in the brawl and so more charges are possible.

AP via FindLaw.com