David Letterman Fights TRO Granted to Crazy Lady

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Here’s how easy it is to get a temporary restraining order — a woman in Santa Fe has been granted a TRO against David Letterman apparently based on claims that Letterman has caused her mental cruelty and sleep deprivation for the past ten years through the use of code words, gestures and eye expressions to convey messages to her.

If I ever need a TRO and can’t get one, please kill me.

The woman, Colleen Nestler, claimed in her TRO application that she started sending Letterman "thoughts of love" in 1993, and that he responded, in code, asking her to come to New York and be his wife and co-host. The code for his marriage proposal was allegedly Letterman’s on-air statement, "Marry me, Oprah."

Nestler says that "Oprah" was the first of many code names Letterman used to refer to her.

If Nestler’s request was granted in full, and it appears that it was, the order requires Letterman to stay at least three yards away from Nestler at all times (although he is in New York and she is in Santa Fe anyway), to not think about Nestler, and to release her from his "mental harassment and hammering."

Letterman’s attorneys contend that the order is without merit and have asked that it be quashed. Their motion points out that the New Mexico court has no jurisdiction over Letterman, that Nestler never served him with papers as required, and likely at some point uses a legalism for the term "nutbag."

A hearing on whether the TRO will become permanent is set for January 12.

AP via Yahoo.com
Thanks to Rob Bogen for spotting this.