Drunken Finn Continues Pestering Norway

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Norwegian police said today that they have arrested, again, a Finnish man who insists on visiting Norway to get drunk and undress in public.

Police said that the man, whose name was not released, has been arrested and fined nearly 100 times in Norway for a variety of charges mostly related to alcohol.  (He has yet to pay any of the fines.)  According to the Bergens Tidende newspaper, the man "is known by police for his tendency to discard pieces of clothing as his level of intoxication increases."

What appears to have been arrest #100 happened Wednesday in Bergen, after police got a phone call from a bus driver who said "There is a naked, drunk, difficult Finn causing trouble on board."  Police, who must have rolled their eyes and said the Norwegian equivalent of "not again," found the man extremely drunk and dressed only in his underpants.  He was charged this time with indecent exposure, vagrancy, public drunkenness and failing to pay the last 99 fines.

Police said the man has repeatedly been expelled from Norway but keeps coming back.

AP via MyWay.com