A Brawl That Maybe You Should Not Find Funny, But Probably Will

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Four words: "baby shower gone bad."

That’s what the police called it.  Three people were arrested on Tuesday after a fight broke out at a baby shower in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Police said that Aristotle Garcia got into a fight with Antonio Santiago, who is dating Garcia’s ex-girlfriend.  (Check your guest lists, people!)  The argument apparently began over whether the ex-girlfriend lets Garcia’s five-year-old daughter drink beer, which is a clear sign that this is a quality crowd we’re talking about.

The fight then escalated and drew in two other people, Jazz Rivas and Juan Velazquez.  So now we are talking about a fight involving people named "Aristotle" and "Jazz," which is definitely something to steer clear of.  Eventually the hostess tried to intervene, which then enraged Jazz further and he began hitting guests with a "large stick."  As the baby shower descended into chaos, Velazquez pulled a gun and fired it into the air, then into the crowd, where by design or accident it hit Garcia, who had started the fight, in the stomach.

Apparently no one was seriously hurt in the brawl, including Garcia, who was in stable condition.  Rivas, Santiago and Velazquez were all arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault.

I knew there was a reason I avoided baby showers.

Link: Findlaw