Andy Griffith Running for Sheriff in Wisconsin

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In what seems like an unfair move — how could you not vote for "Andy Griffith" to be your sheriff? — a music store owner in Grant County, Wisconsin, changed his name from "William Fenrick" to "Andy Griffith" upon entering the race as an independent. He is running against incumbent "Keith Govier" and Democratic challenger "Doug Vesperman," each of whom has over a decade of experience but are stuck with boring, non-famous names that probably leave them with no chance at all against the pseudo-Griffithian juggernaut.

Griffith, 42, said his goal was to draw attention to a race that would otherwise get little of it.  "Nobody knows who's running or what the issues are, if there are any issues, or how the people differ," Griffith said. I note that the AP report did not say what the issues are, if there are any issues, or how the people differ, but at least we do now know who's running for sheriff in Grant County, Wisconsin.

New Griffith may or may not be aware that the fictional sheriff of Mayberry, R.F.D., was actually named "Andy Taylor," although of course the show was called "The Andy Griffith Show" after the star. I was hoping there would be another layer here resulting from "Andy Griffith" being a pseudonym in the first place, but "Andy Samuel Griffith" appears to have been his real name.

I guess it was a simpler time.