Manila Airport Security Apprehends German Pants-Dropper

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Upgraded security procedures at Manila International Airport are being credited for the apprehension of Hans Jurgen Oskar von Naguschewski, a 66-year-old German tourist who got so fed up with it that he dropped his pants before walking (or more likely shuffling) through the X-ray machine.

"He must have been annoyed that he was asked to walk through the X-ray twice," said airport security chief Angel Atatubo, showing the kind of powerful deductive reasoning skills that are so important in protecting us from terrorists and elderly unpanted German tourists.  Oskar certainly did not get far.  He was detained, missed his flight to Frankfurt and spent all weekend in jail.  Authorities charged him with "lasciviousness," a charge that apparently carries a penalty of up to six years in jail.

He was to appear in court sometime on Monday, presumably fully clothed.

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