Burglar’s Plea to “Let It Be” Backfires With Judge

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Quality judicial work by Judge Gregory Todd of the Thirteenth Judicial District Court, Yellowstone County, Montana.  You can see a PDF of the memo itself at the link below, but here’s an excerpt:

Mr. McCormack, you pled guilty to the charge of Burglary.  To aid me in sentencing, I review the pre-sentence investigation report.  I read with interest the section containing Defendant’s statement.  To the question of “Give your recommendation as to what you think the Court should do in this case,” you said, “Like the Beetles say, ‘Let it Be.'”

Hey Jude, Do You Want to Know a Secret?  The greatest band in rock history spelled their name B-E-A-T-L-E-S.  I interpret the meaning of your response to suggest that . . . I should just Let It Be so that you could live in Strawberry Fields Forever. . . . [But as] a result of your Hard Day’s Night, you are looking at a Ticket to Ride that Long and Winding Road to [jail].

You get the idea.

State of Montana v. McCormack, No. 06-0323 (Yellowstone County District Court, Feb. 26, 2007)