Google Searches That Led to “Lowering the Bar,” Part Two

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Time again for "Google Searches That Led To Lowering the Bar," that exciting series in which we learn what odd questions some people out there have for Google (anonymously — as I mentioned before, I can see the search terms, but no info about who’s searching), and the interesting paths by which some of them end up at "Lowering the Bar."  For some of these, I see the connection.  Some are mystifying.

One reason I’m doing this now is that I’m contemplating putting a Google Adsense thing in the sidebar of this blog, and as you may know Google does its best to match the text ads that pop up there with the text of the website on which the box appears.  Given the results below, I frankly have no idea at all what Google may put in my sidebar, so I’m offering this partly to give you some warning.

So, with that, here’s:

Google Searches That Led to "Lowering the Bar," Part Two

how do I request a pardon
class action guacamole
workers compensation dye pack injury
sports mascots altercations and problems
missouri [is] it illegal to carry a sword on halloween
are nunchucks illegal in las vegas
midget law
zamboni speed
bigfoot opinion polls
hitler goldfish bowl law
city of boulder no circus
a jury of her peers bullshit
BBC reporter yells at scientologist
star wars attorney equation wheelchair
zz top car burial
the three stooges legal battles
harassment charge honking in the night
anti-witchcraft laws
Northern Virginia Female Vampires
law on killing a bat
i have monkeys in my pants
male brazilian wax revenge
nudity of Michaelangelo’s David
old man wearing a walmart sack as overalls
foreigners are presented with a special tribal underwear to wear
how to become professional beer taster
investigating cat murder
dominant male prison pen pal
worst restaurant in all christendom
kazakhstan law on switchblades
irritable bowel syndrome and speeding tickets
things to keep an inmate busy
animals molesting human biblical found
tx law – what class laser will the blind use to hunt
can drinking beer give you carpal tunnel
best corporate mascots [Lowering the Bar: #1 result for this search]
how to murder somebody [same]

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