What Would You Name a Magazine for Women Litigators?

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If you said "Sue," you win.  Or, at least, you have guessed correctly – you don't win anything.

The ABA Journal reported recently that a new magazine with the excellent name, "Sue: For Women in Litigation," will launch in January.  It is published by Chere Estrin, a former paralegal who also started "Know: A Magazine for Paralegals" earlier this year.

The new name is a lot better than that one.  According to the Journal, Estrin did not come up with the name herself, but rather got the idea from a comment to a blog post earlier this year.  The commenter was anonymous and posted the idea openly, so the name thievery should not be a problem for Estrin.

Among the articles in the magazine's first issue is one called "Girls Just Wanna Have Funds."

Link: ABA Journal
Link: Sue Magazine