Aquarium Stocked With Stolen Sea Creatures

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A 30-year-old New York man is being charged with grand and petit larceny for crimes he committed during the last two months.  The grand larceny charge is for stealing a shark and the petit larceny is for swiping a moray eel.

Police said that the man, who was not identified, had managed to get a shark out of a pet-store aquarium and smuggle it out of the shop under his jacket.  The article did not explain how he did either of those things without being noticed, or why he is wasting his obvious talent on stealing sea creatures rather than doing something constructive with it, like stealing money and then buying sea creatures.  This is also likely to be much safer because money is not going to try to eat you.

Police said that the shark was found in an aquarium at the man's home, along with a green moray eel he had purchased with a stolen credit card on January 2.  It was not clear whether they had tracked him down because of the credit card or just followed a trail of wet footprints.

Frankly, I was hoping he had tried to smuggle the moray eel out by stuffing it down his pant leg, but no such luck.  Either this guy is aware that a moray eel is a vicious creature that should not be let into your pants for even a second, or he's very, very lucky.