Robbers “Overly Prepared,” Says Guard Who Chased and Sat on Them

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The off-duty guard who captured two teenage robbers in New Zealand last month said he noticed them before the robbery began because they were overdoing their preparations a bit.

Herman Sakaria was driving home from work when he saw the two covering their car's license plates, apparently in full view of the road.  He then watched them put clear plastic bags over their faces and socks over their shoes before running into a nearby store wielding steak knives.  The socks weren't explained, but might have been intended to prevent their shoes from leaving any identifiable tracks.  Sakaria suggested that this was all a bit overdone for an amateur raid on a convenience store.

"The boys had obviously been watching too many crime movies," he said, "because they were overly prepared."

Robbers sat upon The over-preparation did not mean that the robbery went the way they planned.  Having attracted the attention of somebody driving by, the boys were then unable to intimidate the Korean couple who own the store, who chased them back outside.  Sakaria was waiting, ready to go into action.  "I grabbed them, disarmed them and took them to the ground, restraining them [right] until police arrived," Sakaria said later.

To add further insult to injury, while the robbers were being sat upon, the Korean woman came over and started hitting them with a flyswatter.  The humiliation was then made complete when, apparently by pure coincidence, the mother of one of the robbers happened by.  "Oh, s___, there's my mum," the boy said, according to Sakaria.  God, Mom, you are so embarrassing me!

The two 16-year-olds were charged with assault with intent to rob, which could mean a serious jail term although it was not much of a robbery.  "it was a ridiculous attempt," said Sakaria.  "The silly season really has started."

If there's anything I've learned by doing this, it's that "silly season" lasts all year long.