Trail of Chewing-Tobacco Spit Leads to Thieves

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In the latest episode of CSI: Wisconsin, authorities tracked down two men accused of stealing a safe from a tavern in the town of Campbell by getting a DNA profile from the trail of chewing-tobacco spit they left behind them as they dragged the safe away.

In a criminal complaint, police said they had taken a sample from the spit trail leading away from the Sher-Bear Tavern, and matched it to a local 21-year-old man. A search of that man’s car turned up a receipt for a hotel room, where police found the second thief. Both were charged with burglary, theft and criminal damage to property.

My favorite detail of this story, however, is that a fisherman found the safe (unopened) a few days later on a sandbar in the Kaskaskia River. Like I always say, before you sit down to try to crack open a safe, be sure to drag it out onto a sandbar in the middle of the river. No better place for that.

Link: AP via Denver Post