2009 Roundup, Part Three: Harvard Scrounges Up Enough Cash to Buy Coffee

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  • Even worse marketing: in November, Dave Wieneke noticed that a defense firm specializing in (among other things) defending those accused of sexual assault or domestic violence was using website pictures that appeared to show women and young girls in distress, including one picture showing a girl with a hand covering her mouth.  Not surprisingly, this generated some unwanted attention, and the pictures have since been removed.
  • Last month, the North Face Apparel Co., maker of fine clothing for outdoorsy people, sued a Missouri teenager who started a business he said was meant to mock those who buy North Face's expensive products.  The resulting complaint was captioned (more or less) North Face v. South Butt.  The lawyer for South Butt's founder, Jimmy Winkelmann, said the big company's demands were unacceptable.  "Little Jimmy doesn't have enough money in his left pocket to pay for a six-pack of Coca-Cola," he said, much less pay what North Face's "silk-stocking law firms" demanded.