Headline of the Day: “Man Says Weed in Buttocks Is His, Cocaine’s Not”

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This explanation seems problematic for a number of reasons. But it's the one a 25-year-old man gave officers who stopped him for speeding in Manatee County, Florida, on Wednesday.

The officers claimed that they smelled marijuana during the stop, and apparently for that reason they ended up searching the man. The search was pretty thorough, as it located a bag of marijuana stashed between the man's buttocks. According to WESH.com in Orlando, "Officers then discovered another bag in there; the report says it contained 27 pieces of rock cocaine." The man then allegedly told police, "The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is." I see. So, people just store things in there without your knowledge? Sounds like it might be time for spring cleaning.

Or, as the submitter of this item speculated, maybe he rents the space out?