Assorted Stupidity #22

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  • Colorado now proposing to regulate doll diversity, number of blocks per child and the proper manner of labeling and application of sunscreen at child-care centers in that state. Puppetry authorized but not mandated. Merry-go-rounds and, terrifyingly, "sea saws" are prohibited.
  • Also, "googly eyes" are prohibited if children under three are present, which does seem like it might be a good policy.
  • Police in Newquay, Cornwall, said they had confiscated at least one "mankini" as part of a "No Nonsense" campaign designed to improve the atmosphere at the popular seaside town. (You may recall seeing a "mankini" in "Borat" — actually, if you did, it's probably seared into your mind.) 433 containers of alcohol and some "crude toys" were also seized, police said. Exactly how they "confiscated" the mankini was not described.
  • Personally, I think bad PowerPoint presentations are the fault of the creator/presenter, not the software. (The fact that my firm represents Microsoft has not influenced this opinion. Really.) But if you feel strongly otherwise, Switzerland has a political party for you.
  • "It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with [Casey Anthony] and that includes a XXX movie." You know what? If a porn studio is worried you'll ruin its image, you are NOT POPULAR.