Lawyer Facing Contempt for Insulting Judge Decides to Double Down

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Most likely this saga is on the way to becoming more sad than it is funny, but it's not quite there yet.

As I mentioned the other day, a Minnesota lawyer is facing contempt charges after filing a bizarre pleading accusing court officials of being "bigoted Catholic beasts" who are conspiring against her, and I repeat for anybody who missed it that this is not a good legal strategy. Turns out her client, who is also a lawyer, got the same order to show cause, and for some odd reason she responded to it before her lawyer responded to hers. Although after looking at this pleading, the client may have written the first one, too.

Naomi Isaacson's response is just as ridiculous and insulting as that previous filing, although she does at least promote the judge from "Catholic Knight Witch Hunter" to "Popess," which I guess you could see as a positive. But another judge is described as a "dastardly Jesuit," and the trustee as a "mindless numbnut" (which doesn't even fit the theme), and two other attorneys are referred to as "Grand Inquisitor" and "Papal Drummer." (Even if the Pope does have his own drummer, I can't see anything wrong with that.) Isaacson continues to show nothing but contempt for the court's rulings. "We may as well flush her papal bull order down the toilet," Isaacson writes.

It goes on like that.

The St. Paul Pioneer-Press reports that in addition to being president of the debtor corporation, Isaacson is also CEO of something called the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology (or SIST), in Shawano, Wisconsin, which some have alleged is a cult. (According to what appears to be its website, SIST's goal "is to establish a world-class educational institute in the Shawano area," but since another headline on the same page of Google results reads, "House of SIST leader found empty after barricade situation," I'd guess that is on the back burner for now.) The report says SIST and its members have repeatedly claimed they are being discriminated against, but everyone seems to be at a loss as to why they believe the Jesuits and (if any) Jesuitesses are behind it all. In fact, Isaacson charges that the mayor of Shawano is "both Catholic and Lutheran," suggesting she has not quite finished their research on these matters.

Isaacson concludes her introduction (printed in all caps for extra persuasiveness) by asking, "IF WE CANNOT BRING JUSTICE REGARDING MATTERS IN THE UNTIED [sic] STATES, HOW CAN WE GO ALL AROUND THE WORLD TELLING PEOPLE THEY NEED TO BRING JUSTICE?" I actually agree with that (and only that), it just doesn't have anything at all to do with this case.