Airline Punished for Hiring Women to Dance to Banana Song

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Legal Blog Watch, which is now up to Volume 22 of its “Things You Can’t Do on a Plane” series, reports that Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Administration has fined an airline that hired “local beauty queens” to perform during its inaugural flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. According to the original CNBC report:

A group of bikini-clad beauty queens in Vietnam recently strutted through a packed airplane as dance music blasted a song with the lyric “I’m crazy for banana.”

State-run media reported Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Administration fined VIetjet Air 20 million dong ($960) for staging the three-minute show on August 3 without receiving official approval.

YouTube video shows young women in open vests and red bikini tops dancing down the aisle and handing out teddy bears as gleeful male passengers smile and snap photographs on the flight.

I have to say it makes me wonder why they fought that war if they were just going to end up as ridiculous as we are anyway.

Please note that a number of what could be called “dong jokes” (and one pretty good dong-related headline) were considered, smirked at privately and then rejected.