An Outstanding Deposition Performance by Wesley Snipes

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Not long ago, The Hollywood Reporter posted this short excerpt from a video deposition of Wesley Snipes, taken in 2008 when he was defending a lawsuit by his former agency seeking unpaid commissions. In the excerpt, Snipes responds to a question about "the usual talent-agency/client relationship" with an extended analogy comparing agents to pimps, and actors to the "hos" that said pimps "represent":


The case later settled.

Snipes, who has been in over 40 films including "Jungle Fever" and the "Blade" trilogy, is currently appearing in McKean Federal Correctional Institution, in which he plays a man wrongly convicted of failure to file tax returns. His three-year run in the role of Inmate #43355-018 is scheduled to come to an end on July 19, 2013.