The Casebook You’ve Always Wanted—Only Cases Involving Zombies

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Here's a Kickstarter project that needs your help, at least if you would like to have a compendium of all federal cases that involve zombies (or at least contain the word "zombie" and derivatives thereof). From the Kickstarter page:

ZOMBIE LAW: Zombies in the Federal Courts; a case book
This edited collection is a serious book compendium of epic real life zombie stories as told by the U.S. Federal Courts. This Kickstarter project funds production of a law school style bound casebook to include case opinions from the over 300 U.S. Federal Court opinions with the word “zombie” (and “zombies”, “zombi”, “zombis”, “zombified”, “zombism”, etc.)

Zombie usbSponsor at the $25 level and receive, among other things, a zombified USB drive—pull the brain out of the zombie's head to use it.

As I recall, usually it's the zombie who's pulling out the brains, but I still like the idea.

The author, Joshua Warren, says he is already working on a similar project involving ninjas.