What Changes Will the Pope Make to the Conclave Rules?

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@reuters, 20 Feb 2013: Pope may make changes to church law on rules governing conclave that will elect successor

Here's what I'm hearing from my Vatican sources:

  1. Conclave can start early because of upcoming Holy Week
  2. Cardinals located overseas can now participate via Skype
  3. PIzza toppings limited to those available during reign of Gregory X
  4. To prevent deadlock, number of permitted toppings reduced by one per week of conclave
  5. Votes must be cast in Sistine Chapel; all other meetings in Conference Room B at the Radisson
  6. No Spaniards
  7. Anyone caught checking a BlackBerry during the conclave will be excommunicated
  8. Taller cardinals can now upgrade to seats with extra legroom
  9. To maximize youth appeal, instead of white smoke, new Pope to be signaled by playing of "Harlem Shake"
  10. Conclave no longer clothing-optional