Official State Crap: Arizona

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  • Official state tree: the Palo Verde (not clear which kind, either Parkinsonia florida or Parkinsonia microphylla, could be both).
  • Official state bird: the cactus wren, "otherwise known as Coues' cactus wren or heleodytes brunneicapillus couesi." (That exists.)
  • Official state flower: "the pure white waxy flower of the cereus giganteus (giant cactus) or Saguaro." (Those &$%#ers are all over the place.)
  • Official state neckwear: the Bola (string) tie.
  • Official state gemstone: turquoise.
  • Official state animals: the ringtail, the Arizona ridgenose rattlesnake, the Arizona trout, and the Arizona tree frog "shall be known respectively as the state mammal, reptile, fish and amphibian."
  • Official state butterfly: the two-tailed swallowtail.
  • Official state statement about the official state butterfly: "Designation of the state butterfly pursuant to this section shall not constitute grounds for protection of the butterfly or its habitat."
  • Official state nickname: "The Grand Canyon State."
  • Official state firearm: the Colt single-action army revolver.