Assorted Stupidity #63

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  • The BBC says three men convicted of stealing some bread trays from a bakery will serve at least three years each for the crime. That probably seems like a heavy sentence, so I should clarify that the baker is Warburtons, the largest in Britain, and "some bread trays" means at least 90,000 bread trays weighing well over 200 tons in total and valued at over £500,000. The men diverted 60-70 truckloads of trays for "recycling" over a six-month period. Maybe they thought Warburtons was too big to notice a mere 90,000 missing bread trays. Turns out it's not.
  • Speaking of things that are missing, if you lost a fingertip at the fair last week you might try the lost-and-found department of the Wellington, Ontario, police department. Police there said they had no reason to suspect foul play at the moment, but haven't ruled it out. "The priority" right now, said a sergeant, "is to identify who lost a fingertip and who it belongs to." My guess is they will answer both those questions at the same time, if they get any answers at all.
  • Hm. Car sitting there with its engine running, but I don't see anybody inside. The windows are tinted, though. Hard to tell. Could be a free car, or some good stuff inside for the taking. I'll just try the door and take a quick look…. Or there could be an undercover police officer inside who now has a gun pointed at me, and some difficult questions for which, frankly, I had not prepared. Wow, I certainly did not see that coming, although with hindsight, perhaps I should have. Well, lesson learned.
  • Also stupid: the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, which has reportedly banned students from bringing sunscreen to school without a doctor's note. The district claims sunscreen is a "medication," which it isn't, and also that it is "typically a toxic substance," which it also isn't and which contradicts the first stupid argument. The district said that if parents are concerned that their children may be outdoors, "they should come to school fully covered in sunscreen," but they can't bring their own.