FYI, the Secretary of the Treasury is Not “Moe Money”

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You might not be able to name the Secretary of the Treasury, but you probably know it isn't "Moe Money."

Moe money
Nor does the United States have a cabinet-level officer, or one at any level, actually, whose title is "Proprietor of the Counterfeiting," which is what it says there under the signature.

The Charlotte Observer reported last month that a 19-year-old student had been arrested after trying to use this bill to buy a gift card. Police then found almost $13,000 in counterfeit money in her dorm room, some of which were even worse than this one. The signature and title are pretty small and might be missed (but why not use real ones?), but according to the report the reverse side of some of the bills were mirror images, making the denomination "001."

FYI, the Secretary of the Treasury is currently Jack Lew. Has been for two years now, it turns out.

See also "Some Problems Inherent in Trying to Sell a Counterfeiting Machine," Lowering the Bar (Aug. 3, 2012).