End of Speech Shouted

We can hear you from here

So, let me make a couple of things clear.

First, the message Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) is trying to send here, one of strong support for the medical professionals who are on the front lines right now, could not be more appropriate or necessary. They are heroes. Good for her.

Second, this whole process by which members of Congress read things into the record, usually speaking to a largely empty chamber, having been given only 60 seconds each to do so, is pretty ridiculous.

Having said that: If you know you’re only gonna get one minute to talk, don’t write a two-minute speech.

But if you do, please do shout the second minute of that speech, defying all efforts to remind you of the agreed-upon time limits, even if some of what you are then shouting seems to have become garbled due to your eagerness to shout it. I still fully support that.

Also, if you need more time to do something, the best time to ask for it is earlier than four seconds before the expiration of the current deadline. But again, if that’s the situation you find yourself, please ask very loudly.

Preferably in view of C-SPAN, of course.