NBC Forces Man to Watch Fear Factor

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A paralegal in Cleveland has sued NBC for the content of “Fear Factor,” a reality show you hopefully haven’t seen on which people do stupid and frequently nauseating things for money.

In his four-page handwritten federal complaint, the plaintiff claimed that an episode in which the contestants ate dead rats mixed in a blender caused his blood pressure to rise to such high levels that he became dizzy, hit his head on a doorway, and then threw up. He said he had been fine with past episodes involving worms and insects, but that the rats-in-a-blender episode went “too far.” He demands $2.5 million but says the real incentive is to get the networks to “clean up their own acts.”

Reuters contacted the plaintiff about the lawsuit, but he told them he was “not at liberty to discuss the complaint unless it is a paid-interview situation.” Oddly, it wasn’t.