Easter Bunny Beaten, Will Prosecute

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Police in Bay City, Michigan, reported that a 12-year-old boy who had come to a local mall to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap returned the next day and punched the Bunny repeatedly in the face. Bryan Johnson, who plays the Bunny at Bay City Mall, said the child had shown no signs of trouble the day before. “He came up and said hi,” Johnson said, “and was sitting on my lap and talking. He seemed OK.” But when the boy came back the next day, “He just started hitting.”

Johnson, who suffered a bloody nose, said he was hit at least six times. He did not retaliate, feeling it was “inappropriate for the Easter Bunny to fight back.” Inappropriate, maybe, but hilarious to think about. I would pay good money for a film, if there is one, of a 6-foot Easter Bunny in a fight with a child.

In the spirit of Easter, Johnson will be pressing charges. “[The police] told me it was up to me, and I feel that the boy should be prosecuted,” he said.