FAA Nixes Beer Delivery by Drone

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With everything this country is using drones for, they crack down on beer delivery.

The video below is a commercial for Lakemaid Beer, brewed in Minnesota, and it shows a small drone being used to deliver a 12-pack of beer to fishermen out on a frozen lake. It is, obviously, pretty awesome. It was just a test, but still generated a call from the FAA.


After the video was posted, the FAA reportedly called the company and said that using a drone in this way for commercial purposes would violate current regulations. The FAA's current position on drones is that specific authorization is required to use one in U.S. airspace, except for model aircraft being used solely for recreational purposes. You could argue that's exactly what the video is depicting, of course, and it sounds like the FAA was only objecting to a wider rollout of this system for commercial deliveries, not complaining about the test itself.

Was this only a stunt for promotional purposes? Maybe, but it was a pretty good one. I wondered if the whole thing might be a hoax, but the ABC News report, for example, quotes real FAA spokesman Les Dorr. Asked to comment, Dorr said that the story was "barley news" but the media always "hops on" stories like this, and that he hoped matters had "finally come to a head." These are just the kind of cornball comments that give this the ring of truth. Unfortunately.