Disability-Benefits Fraud Ended by Unfortunate Photos

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This week a British judge sentenced a 53-year-old man to a year in jail for fraudulently claiming to be disabled so he could collect state benefits. Crowson had told the government his disabilities were so severe he was “virtually unable to walk.” Police searching Crowson’s home, however, found recent pictures showing him wrestling an alligator and riding a camel. (Not at the same time, but still.) They also found certificates showing that Crowson had earned a black belt in ju jitsu despite his alleged virtual inability to walk.

Prosecutor Theresa Loftus said this evidence “suggested his injuries were not as serious as he claimed,” which seems like a fairly compelling argument.

Judge Vincent Fraser agreed, and sentenced the man to a year in jail for his “grossly dishonest” fraud. He had collected $31,000 worth of benefits by means of the scam.