Nightmares About Your Job May Suggest You Need a New One, Says ABA

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"Work Nightmares and Nausea on the Job Are Signs It's Time to Leave," reads the headline of this helpful item on the ABA Journal's website.  No kidding?

In other news: "Severe Pain and Flames on Your Skin May Be Signs You Are on Fire."

Other factors that weigh in favor of leaving your current firm, according to the report:

  • drinking on the job,
  • abusing illegal drugs,
  • abusing caffeine,
  • abusing cough syrup,
  • abusing ibuprofen,
  • abusing antacids,
  • difficulties falling asleep,
  • difficulties waking up,
  • crying or sleeping at work,
  • you hate your work,
  • you hate your co-workers, or
  • "your ethics, your integrity, or your psyche are at risk."

Factors that weigh in favor of staying:

  • you need money.

The report suggests that you evaluate these factors in advance and make careful plans, rather than, for example, departing your current employment by means of an inflatable slide.