Least Viable “Consent” Defense Ever

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A man in Pittsburgh is suing his former girlfriend for $30,000 in damages resulting from a post-breakup bedroom experience that he claims was assault and battery, but that her attorney claims was a "consensual act."

The suit claims that after the man fell asleep at his ex’s house, she used Super Glue to "stick his genitals to his abdomen" and glue his buttocks together.

Two observations:

1) This is the least viable "consent" defense I have ever seen; and

2) This man sleeps on his side.

The man claims that the woman told him the gluing was payback for their breakup and for seeing another woman, and that he was forced to then walk a mile, glued buttocks and all, to a gas station to call for help.

The woman has already been convicted of assault for the gluing, but in the civil suit the woman’s attorney, Chuck Evans, steadfastly maintains that the man consented and that he was not "permanently damaged." "This is a case that should have been left in the bedroom," he said.

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