UPDATE: Man Stuck to Toilet Seat Passes Polygraph; Copycat Case in California

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Bob Dougherty, the man who made national news last week with a lawsuit claiming Home Depot employees ignored him when he was glued to a toilet seat, passed a polygraph test on Wednesday about the allegations. Dougherty took the test after a town official claimed he had heard Dougherty make a similar allegation before about a different toilet seat. (Another resident supported the official’s story, referring to Dougherty as "Sticky Bob.")

Dougherty denied that, and a local news station paid for him to take the polygraph test. Feeling vindicated, he demanded an apology from the government. "I’m not going to be putting up with crackpots," he said, although since he was the one alleged to be the crackpot, it was unclear who he was referring to. Dougherty said he was now focused on "saving face" and preserving his honor, dignity, and integrity.

Which explains why he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. You see, there’s no better way to get your dignity back than to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a story about having your ass stuck to a toilet seat.

Meanwhile, MSNBC reported "a possible copycat situation" in Bakersfield, California. Details were sketchy, but according to the report, an unidentified man was taken to a local hospital on Wednesday, "still attached to a toilet seat."

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