Invisible Man Fails to Appear

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Invisible man

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In February, a 28-year-old Georgia man called 911 to report that he was invisible.

According to the Barrow Patch, paramedics and a deputy with the Barrow County Sheriff's Office responded to the call on February 17. The paramedics got there first, possibly because they were familiar with the route — they told the deputy they had been to the man's residence four or five times during the past two weeks and that this time, at least, he did not need medical assistance.

The man was obviously on some sort of medication, not necessarily because of what he reported but because he told paramedics he wanted a ride to the hospital to "get more medications," having "taken all the medication he had received the night before." Evidently, though, the paramedics did not think the situation was serious, because the man was reportedly told he needed to "dry up on the medication" and that if he called 911 again and it wasn't an emergency, he would be arrested.

The Patch's report doesn't actually say the man was visible when paramedics arrived, but I guess we're supposed to infer that.

On the other hand, the report does say that the man had a record of prior arrests for, among other things, "failure to appear."