PETA Staffer Changes Name to “Kentucky Fried Cruelty”

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The youth-outreach coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, formerly known as "Chris Garnett," has legally changed his name to "" to further PETA's protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken for alleged chicken abuse.

"People don't believe me at first when I tell them my name," said, but "many vow to boycott KFC after I explain the company's indifference to cruelty to animals."  PETA claims that video footage shot last year at a KFC supplier plant in West Virginia shows alleged mistreatment of birds.  (If I remember correctly, they were tossing birds around.)  KFC's parent company has disputed the claims and in June a grand jury refused to return any indictments in the case.

Pam Anderson, however, has not yet closed her investigation into the matter.  The abuse "is awful and has to stop," she said in a statement.  "I'm sure Chris [sic] can't wait 'till KFC stops torturing chickens so he can change his name back."

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