Police Dog Sued

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Andi, a police dog who works for the sheriff’s department in Athens, Ohio, has been named in a lawsuit by an alleged drug dealer who was convicted based in part on a search conducted by Andi.  The AP report did not say what causes of action had been brought against the dog by the plaintiff, Wayne Green, but they are likely some kind of civil rights allegations.

Green was tried and convicted last month after a search of his property turned up 50 pounds of marijuana.  He is seeking $450,000 in damages in the suit, which also names the sheriff, police investigators, and the trial judge who admitted the marijuana into evidence.  "That dog could’ve done something to me or one of my attendants," Green said, invoking the rule that allows tort claims for harm that "coulda happened to plaintiff or somebody plaintiff knows, but didn’t."  Green added, "They’ve got a mean ol’ dog, you know what I’m saying?  I take that pretty serious."  Green wants Andi "charged with several different felony counts."

The mean ol’ dog defendant was served with the complaint last Thursday, and signed for the delivery with a paw print.  County Prosecutor David Warren said it was the first time Andi or any other county dog had been sued, and has volunteered to handle Andi’s defense personally.

AP via MyWay.com