Saddam Denounces Deprivation of Underwear as “Terrorism”

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Saddam Hussein’s trial continued on Tuesday, sort of.  Some witnesses have given testimony about the former regime’s criminal practices, but mostly Saddam yells at people.

On Tuesday, he spent some time yelling at the judge, as he often does.  This is not a great strategy in America, but Saddam seems to be making some headway with it.  Tuesday’s exchange also included some insight into Saddam’s definition of "terrorism."

Saddam: "Are you deliberately hauling defendants before the trial when they are exhausted?"

Amin: "No, this is not deliberate. We have a number of plaintiffs who are already present, so tomorrow we will finish with a number of them and then the court will adjourn."

Saddam: "This is your business, but I want to clarify to you that" [sound is cut for several seconds, then resumes]. "We have spent . . . days in this shirt. There is no underwear, no chance to take a shower and no chance to smoke a cigarette if some do smoke, no chance for one to walk a couple of steps outside the small room. This is terrorism."

Saddam, get with the program.  These days we could hook your nads up to a car battery and it wouldn’t even be "torture," according to some people, let alone "terrorism."  So I’m fairly certain that not letting you wear underwear probably does not qualify.

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