“Mrs. Noisy” Sentenced to Year in Prison

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Miyoko Kawahara, better known (at least in Japan) as "Mrs. Noisy," was sentenced today by a court in Nara to one year in jail for causing a nuisance that harmed nearby residents.  Mrs. Noisy, for some reason, constantly screamed insults at passers-by and played loud music from her balcony every day for the past two-and-a-half years or so.  She had apparently become something of a minor celebrity in Japan

Nothing could be done until a neighbor sought medical treatment for insomnia and headaches caused by Mrs. Noisy, and authorities then were able to charge her with causing "physical harm."  The court sentenced her today to one year, in part because (not surprisingly) she had "shown no repentance for her actions."  With time served, she will likely be released in about three months.

"I worry about what will happen when [Mrs. Noisy]  comes back," a neighbor told reporters.  Oh, I think you should.

Link: Reuters via My Way News