Kansans Wanting to Marry a 12-Year-Old Must Act Quickly

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KAKE News in Wichita has alerted local residents to a new bill that may raise the minimum marriage age to 16, with parental approval, or 18 without approval.  Currently, 12-year-olds can get married in Kansas with the consent of a parent or judge.

Is there any irony in the fact that 12-year-olds can mate in Kansas but the teaching of evolution is frowned upon?  I mean, there’s something there — I’m just not sure irony is the word.

121 state lawmakers voted in favor of the bill — and one dissented.  Rep. Bonnie Huy of Wichita voted against the bill, noting there have been only 34 underage marriages (under what age was not reported) in Kansas since 1999, and that Kansans facing "the most important decision of their young lives" should not be limited.  She also believes the law infringes on parental rights to raise children.

The bill is expected to pass the state senate as well.