UPDATE: Snowball-Assault Case Dismissed “In Interest of Justice”

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I wrote last week about the prosecution of Andrew Thistleton in Summit County, Colorado, for assaulting a woman with a snowball.  Over the weekend I learned that the Summit County DA’s office moved on Thursday to dismiss the case in the "best interest of justice," if Thistleton agreed to write a letter of apology.  Thistleton agreed to that and the judge granted the motion, bringing this saga to an end.

Afterward, DA Mark Hurlbert claimed that the letter-for-dismissal offer had actually been on the table for 10 months, and suggested that defense attorney Lisa Moses had taken a hard line on the case only after it began to attract publicity.  Moses denied that, saying she was "appalled" by the suggestion.

Either way, Thistleton was very happy about the outcome.  "It’s just a never-ending nightmare," he said, "but now it’s finally over."  Now that the never-ending nightmare has ended, Thistleton and his mother have flown home to Australia, where it will be much easier for them to avoid being reminded of snow.

Link: Summit Daily News