Whoever Was Buying the Kid Rock Sex Video Now Has to Stop

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Robert Ritchie, a.k.a. "Kid Rock," has won a temporary injunction to stop the sale of a video that allegedly shows him engaged in sexual activity as part of a group that included four women and Scott Stapp, the former lead singer for Creed.

The real news here is that anyone would buy a video showing Kid Rock having sex with anything.  At least since the midget sidekick died.

Kid Rock’s lawyer (a title I know many of you wish you held) said his client did not deny the video was authentic, but said it was "clearly understood" that the video was to remain Stapp’s private property and was not to be distributed.  Rock is suing the World Wide Red Light District Company, the same company that distributed Paris Hilton’s video, for trademark and privacy-right violations.  (I’m not sure what trademark is allegedly being infringed, and actually I don’t want to know.)

The owner of Red Light and his attorney said that they felt they were within their rights because public figures were involved.  They also stated that, surprisingly, the video "involved women from a strip club and was taken in a motor home."

AP via FindLaw.com